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Do you need to create a slide deck or one-pager to advocate for computer science in your state or city? The blog posts and links below contain resources and statistics that you can use to make your own custom materials!

Why Study Computer Science?


Diversity in Computer Science

  • We compiled and analyzed data on student participation in CS by race/ethnicity and gender (in Code.org's courses, in AP® CS, and in bachelor's degrees earned in CS). View our blog post here, our summary here and download the data set here.
  • Women who learn computer science in high school are 5-10 times more likely to major in it in university (5 times if they take AP® CSP, 10 times if they take AP® CS A). Similarly, Black/African American students are 2-7 times more likely and Hispanic/Latino students are 3-8 times more likely to study computer science in university if they take it in high school. First generation college students are also three times as likely to major in computer science if they took AP® CSP in high school.
  • The Closing the STEM Gap report from Microsoft explores why girls and women lose interest in STEM subjects and careers, and suggests strategies to reverse the trend.
  • Children as young as six develop stereotypes about who is interested in computer science - and stereotypes about interest influence motivation to choose computer science more than stereotypes about ability.

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